Why You Need To Conduct Regular Website Analytics

October 8, 2021

Your website the gateway to your business operations. For the most part, it is the first touchpoint that your online users will have of your business. Hence, it is imperative that your website is well-maintained and kept updated at all times. Similar to taking care of any physical items, your website also requires routine care and upkeep. Conducting regular website analytics is a great way to achieve multiple objectives in one process. When you conduct website analytics, you are also performing optimisation work which can be an extensive task all on its own.

Benefits of Regular Website Analytics

Understanding customer behaviour is absolutely imperative to the success of the business. No doubt, it is difficult to track customer behaviour in a physical store. The upside is that it is easier to visualise your visitor activities on your online shop front. But what can you do with this information?

We highlight to you some of the reasons why website analytics are important and also shows you some of the things that can be done with the data extracted from your website analytics.

1) Enhance User Experience on Website

The user experience on your website is extremely critical to the website performance. Ultimately, it also determines the health of your business. A beautiful website coupled with terrific user experience will help to retain existing customers while also attracting new visitors. 

With data extracted from your web analytics tool, you are now able to implement a data-driven approach to enhance the user experience. For example, you can further enhance the design of your website in accordance to:

Device Type: 

If you discover that most of your visitors are visiting your website on mobile device, you should take efforts to ensure that your website is also mobile-friendly. This includes making sure that the website is mobile-friendly.

Demographics & Interests: 

If, you discover that most of your visitors are male between the ages of 24-34, tweak your design to cater to the more youthful crowd.

You may also discover that these demographics of users typically have an affinity category to “Shoppers/Value Shoppers”. Thus, consider having contests where you engage the users in order to be eligible for a discount when they make a purchase in your shop. The idea is to appeal to the things that holds their interest.

Language & Location: 

If you discover that you have a significant proportion of visitors from Indonesia, you may want to cater to the local language as well. 


2) Provide Targeted Content

Next to providing a positive user experience, a good website analytics tool can provide you with valuable information on how well each content is performing. This information can be extracted by analysing the bounce rate of each page, finding out which page has the most visits and also determining the average time users spend on each page.

Based on this information, you can determine what is the best course of action. For example, you can add relevant call-to-action (CTA) buttons in an attempt to increase the conversation rate and also flow rate. Additionally, you may also consider  tweaking the content of some of the less performing pages to emulate the top performing ones. 


3) Improve SEO

Organic traffic will always be seen as seen as valuable to the foundation of any digital marketing strategy, and is an important factor in determining the growth of the business. The more organic traffic the business receives, the higher the potential for leads and conversions. 

As mentioned above, website analytics can help to further improve user experience and also inform you which content is the most engaging to your audience. By making positive changes that improves these 2 aspects of your website, it is undeniable that the SEO efforts will result in increased visibility.

Take the extra effort and connect your Google Analytics account to Google Search Console. This way, you will be able to track which search queries are providing you with the most traffic. 


4)  Strategise to Retain Best Referrals 

Referrals are the websites that are directing traffic to your website. With the implementation of a website analytics tool, you will be able to determine which website is providing you with the most number of referrals. 

If you gained the majority of the traffic from search engines, this means that your SEO strategy is strong because the traffic is obtained organically. Make sure to continually optimise your website for better visibility on the search engine results page.

If the majority of the traffic is gained from social media platforms, you might want to make sure that you give that platform some attention in terms of engaging with your followers. 


5)  Form Partnership Opportunities

Since website analytics tracks all the activities in your website, just like how you will now attain visibility to your referrals, you will also attain visibility to data on your outbound links and determine which outbound links have the most engagement rate. This means that while your website is receiving visitors from other websites, it is also helping to drive traffic to various other websites also. 

Thus, a power-move would be to select the top performing site to reach out to in order to form partnership offers where they also direct traffic to your website. It is not uncommon to see businesses grow out of collaborations and mutual recommendations. With the data backed up from Google Analytics, it should be easy to persuade other businesses into forming mutually-benefiting partnerships with you.


6)  Track Your Key Performance Metrics

If you are an e-commerce, the sales report is the most important report in determining how well the business is doing. Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool in generating the sales report for you. It provides you with key metrics such as total revenue, conversion rates, top products and even top referral source in the report. However, most CMS systems would have an integrated dashboard that help you track key metrics. 



Optimisation work is an ongoing process. While your website may be performing optimally one day, you might notice that that progress might get derailed the next day. This is why it is important to keep tabs on the performance on your website. To attain success in your digital campaigns, make sure that various factors are working well together at all times.

Conducting a comprehensive website analytics can be time consuming. At times, you may even forget to conduct one for your website. Get in touch with us and let us take the reins in ensuring that your website stays relevant and fresh for your visitors.  

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