Importance of Website Optimisation During Covid-19

April 27, 2021

We are seeing a spike in the volume of internet traffic as more people are staying and working from home. With the new normal, we are spending more time online than ever before. Now is a strategic time for you to perform website optimisation during Covid-19. This will allow you to capitalise on the trend of high traffic volume.

importance of website optimisation during Covid-19

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. Thus, your website should also display any updates or changes that your business have implemented due to the changing situation. All information related to Covid-19 should also be featured front and center on your homepage. Customer do not miss out on any news that might impact them. Changes to share includes temporary closures, changes in operating hours or even support changes.

As a matter of fact, this is also a great way to connect with your consumers. In this volatile times, it is admirable to show that you care for the community. As an example, you can even share how you have shown support for the essential workers. Even better, try to get your consumers involved so that they can do the same.

Here share with you how you can do a website optimisation during Covid-19 in a thoughtful and strategic manner:

1. Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Conducting a website optimisation during a pandemic goes beyond just taking care of your website. While users might be stuck at home, your website would still be connected to them via multiple streams online. For an e-commerce store, making sure that your GMB listing stays updated. The business information presented on the GMB platform allows users to learn some basic information before visiting your website. Provide true-to-time information and remain open and transparent.

For instance, if your operation hours are affected, share that information as well. Users appreciate the transparency and will be more likely to remember your business. Provide alternative means of communications to provide your customers with the opportunity to reach out to you at any time.

2. Monitor Changing User Behaviour During Covid-19

As the daily lives of your customers are disrupted, keep abreast of the changes. You can take this opportunity to further value add to their lives by helping them adapt to the new normal. This can be done by positively anticipating and preparing for the future. Closely monitor your website to identify shifting customer behaviours that reflect these unusual times.

For example, while you are experiencing increased traffic to your website, the conversion rates remain low. Take the time to observe the overall customer journey to uncover trends that may have gone unnoticed. Armed with this data, you can re-align your marketing strategies accordingly. Always seek to address these gaps in the customer journey so that your digital efforts remain robust.

For example, as people stay at home, users who do not shop online may start doing so now. Onus is on you to ensure that your website is able to accommodate the customer journey of all customers. Review your website and pay attention to details that a newcomer might to take note of.

3. Update Your Content

update website content

As a response to these changing behaviours, continue to create content and campaigns that addresses these changes in interests and demands. This form of website optimisation is  opportunity for you to build trust with your customers. It is a two-fold approach where you gain online visibility and also boost your brand. Stay relevant to the developments that might occur locally as well as globally. Use this time to further improve your SEO and try to be on the first page of the search engine results page as often as you can. While you may have online customers who will stay loyal to you, you will need to stay abreast of the stiff competition online. The best way to do this is to continue to build rapport and trust with your consumers.

As explained, providing quality content that addresses the needs of the users and provides fresh and relevant content is critical. One way to do this is to select relevant keywords that is frequently used in your industry. Start creating content that revolves around these popular keywords. Another method is to identify which pages on your website are the most frequently visited pages. Work on re-purposing and refreshing the content the of this popular pages so as to remain relevant to the current circumstance.

4. Conduct Full SEO Audit

It is always good to be forward-thinking in your SEO efforts and plan to future-proof your SEO efforts. Take this time to analyse and evaluate your SEO work to date. This is especially so since the SEO takes a while before the results starts to show. The plan is that any optimisation updates that you work on now should begin to take effect once the pandemic starts to gradually subside.

5. Speed Up Website Loading Time

website speed

While users may find that they have more time on their hands, this does not mean that the level of patience has improved. In fact, users now have ample opportunity to jump to your competitor’s sites if they are faster. Also, wifi networks may be under heavy load and so ensuring that your website the optimised is vital to engaging and encouraging users to explore your site further. To check your loading time, do use Page Speed Insights which check the loading time of your mobile and desktop versions of your website.


Website optimisation during the pandemic is all about establishing brand presence online and keeping the lines of communication open with your customers. Use this crisis to uncover the potential of analytics and spend some time to understand the relationship each metric.

Your website is representative of your business, more than ever now. Let us handle all your website needs as you take charge of the actual operations of your business. Don’t be shy and reach out now. 

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