Importance Of Having A Mobile-Friendly Website

April 26, 2021

A mobile-friendly website is regarded with high importance by Google. This is because it allows you to display content on any device, ranging from mobiles, tablets and desktops. In other words, the content layout has been designed in such a way that it is easy to peruse through the information on any screen size.

For instance, while the content may be displayed on a smaller screen, a mobile-friendly website is smart enough to automatically increase the font size of the text to make it easier to read. This is among some of the key features that is intrinsic to a mobile-friendly website. Another important feature is to include touch-friendly elements to allow the users to quickly locate and click on a button.

What does a mobile-friendly website look like?

To provide you with a better visual understanding of the importance a mobile-friendly website it, we will show you an Etsy website as an example:


You will note that the individual elements on the website dynamically respond to the size of the differing screen sizes. The position and size of the elements also adjusts in accordance to the screen size. Despite these changes, the site will always look good and is easy for the user to navigate.

Okay, but what is the importance of a mobile-friendly website?

Percentage of Global Mobile Traffic,2011-2021Source: Broadband Search

Throughout the last few years, the number of mobile-users have been steadily increasing. In fact, it is rising so rapidly that mobile users have exceeded the number of desktop users. Currently, he majority of online traffic is made up of mobile users. To add to that, Since April 2015 Google has explicitly mentioned that priority will be given to websites that are mobile-friendly. Any updates that Google shares with respect to their ranking algorithm should always be taken seriously. Therefore, it is very clear that websites that are mobile-friendly will be rewarded with increased search visibility which will in turn help to enhance your brand identity. Watch your website turn into a source of lead-generation for your business once you adhere to Google’s ranking algorithm requirements.  

Let us share with you 5 compelling reasons why you should ensure that your website is always mobile-friendly: 

1. Increase Website Traffic

Source: Blue Corona Statistics

With the growing numbers of mobile users, the importance of a mobile-friendly website is ever more imperative. In order to capture the attention of these users, your content needs to be catered to them. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when Google announced its updates on prioritising mobile-friendly websites. 

Google fully understands online user behaviour. For them to specifically address mobile-users means that your customers are most likely to be on their mobile when accessing your website. Just observe your own mobile usage and you will quickly realise that you use your mobile phones all throughout the day – while watching TV, while travelling, while eating, while at work, and even while on your desktop. 

As marketers, the main objective is to be present in the most visible setting. In this digital age, this would include being visible on mobile devices. The more visible you are, the higher your prospect of drawing traffic to your website. This will then ultimately lead to better SEO rankings.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Improved user experience will lead to better SEO rankings. This will then increase your search visibility and then provide you with higher traffic. An enhanced user experience on mobile provides reassurance to your potential customers of your credibility. Additionally, a good mobile experience will also increase the likelihood of your users providing recommendations for you.

Increasingly common is the trend that majority of online shoppers are mobile users. Typical user behaviour would be that a person will search for products or services while they are on the go. If your website has poor user experience, users are most likely to leave your site and move on to your competitor’s site if it is mobile-friendlier.

3. Multiplied Conversion Rates

With enhanced user experience and increased web traffic, you will have better chances of engaging with potential customers and attract quality leads just through your content. Thus, the more visible you are, the higher the chances of people visiting your website. This will then increase your likelihood of securing a conversion. Effectively, the results of your conversion rate will also be greatly affected by the user experience of your website.

Websites with high visibility but poor user experience will not be able to maintain high rankings on the search results page. Statistics have also shown that 90% of all mobile searches lead to action. Interestingly, 50% of all mobile searches also lead to purchases. Consequently, every visitor is valuable and losing a customer means losing a potential sale.

4. Reduced Bounce Rates

Source: Think With Google

Here, you see that as the loading time increases, the bounce rate will exponentially increase as well. This is something that we will try to minimise at all times. The effect of experiencing reduced bounce rates is a direct result of providing excellent user experience on your mobile-friendly website. Websites that are mobile-friendly tend to load faster. Mobile users usually expect a page to load within 2-3 seconds. As mobile users are constantly on the move, they do not have the patience to wait long for the page to load itself. it is your job to provide your website visitors with a great user experience that is intuitive. Seek to actively engage with them further to entice them to stay on your site and spend more time browsing around. 

5. Earn Increased Customer Loyalty

Another benefit that you may notice just by enhancing your user experience is that you would have gained increasing customer loyalty. Mobile-friendly sites are simple to navigate, with fast loading speeds. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly is a good way to boost your reputation and improve the image of your brand. It can also help you to build trust with your customers while allowing you to engage better with customers.


In today’s digital world, a mobile-friendly website is fundamentally essential to the success of the business. Designing a mobile-friendly website will ensure that your mobile visitors can enjoy better user experience no matter which device they are using. As an added incentive,Google will also reward you for making the change to be more mobile-friendly. Most website builders are equipped with mobile-responsive design functionality. Always remember to conduct checks on your website with useful tools to verify that your optimisation efforts are in check.

Chances are that you are reading this article on a mobile device. If you are, then your customers are too. Connect with us and let us help you make your website mobile-friendly for all your visitors. 

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