Boosting Web Traffic Through Web Development

October 19, 2021

Website traffic is usually measured in visits or sessions. It simply refers to the number of visitors that the website receives. Hence, the volume of website traffic can be seen as indicative of the popularity of the brand. Google will then identify the brand and its website to be relevant to users, increasing the website visibility on search platforms. As a result, website visibility is closely tied to business benefits such as increased revenue. This is why boosting web traffic is of utmost importance to businesses. 

Related to the financial benefits, boosting web traffic also can uncover valuable insights about your visitors. This information can then be used to optimise your website in order to drive better conversions. There are various strategies that you can utilise to boost your website traffic. Some strategies are content and SEO based. Others may require the use of alternative marketing channels like email marketing and social media marketing. However, in this article, we will focus wholly on the website development aspect. We will share with you the best practises to help you grow your website visitors. 

1. Regularly Update Your Content

Ensure that your website does not go stale by regularly updating your website. The best way to do this is via blogs. However, churning out new articles regularly can take up a big part of your resource. A workaround to this is to simply update your old blog articles to ensure that they remain relevant to the current market changes. Additionally, ensure that basic information such as your business details are kept updated as well. 

2. Optimise Website For Mobile

Mobile-friendliness is a very important aspect in website development. With more of the world’s population moving into the digital age, it is not uncommon for 1 user to own multiple devices. Usually, the additional devices are in the form of tablets or mobile phones. This is why Google has focused its algorithm to also focus on prioritising websites that are optimised for mobile.

3. Speed Up Your Website

Slow page loading speed is one of the killers of website traffic. Always do checks to ensure that your website does not take more than 3 seconds to load. Otherwise, you will risk losing potential customers to your competitors. 

4. Clean Up Important Web Page

Important pages on your website are your homepage and your product or services page. If these pages are media-heavy, your visitors will be put off and will exit immediately. Additionally, we also advise to keep design elements to a minimum. Do not be afraid to use white spaces as it helps users to quickly read and highlight important information. White spaces also make your CTA buttons stand out, further improving conversion rates. 

5. Have A Clean Website Structure

A good website structure is one where users find it foolproof to navigate from one page to another. Quick accessibility is key. Some critical elements that improves navigation are:

  • Menu → shows all the pages users can navigate to
  • Search bar → allows visitors to find things quickly
  • CTA buttons → Subliminal message to visitors to take a desired action
  • Shopping Cart → essential for e-commerce as it increases conversion rates

Zalora Website Sample

Source: Zalora

Zalora has all the key elements and more that encourages its visitors to explore the website further. It also uses white spaces beautifully in order to highlight important information to its visitors. 



The main objective of having a website is to maximise it for conversions. A good website strategy and design will help you achieve your business goals. 

By consistently evaluating your website performance to your digital analytics efforts, you will be able to understand your visitor behaviour better. This will help you to make relevant and useful updates to your website. Do remember that optimisation efforts are an ongoing process with constant enhancements and tweaks to increase the quality of your website.

Your website is critical to your business success. It may be overwhelming designing and developing a website on your own. Get in touch with us and we can work out a plan to help you improve your current website or even customise a whole new website. Let us help you to get your website do all the hard work for your business.

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